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Sviluppo software

Software development



Our team can design and deliver complete solutions following the whole process from the definition of service specifications. We mainly use open source tools that allow us to keep down the costs of the services offered and do not bind us to any proprietary solution.





We organize customized training courses for professional updating on the issues of vegetation remote sensing , management of water resources in agriculture and territorial information systems. The teachers made available by ARIESPACE srl can boast a long experience in teaching at prestigious universities as well as a professional experience in the concrete application of innovative techniques.


Servizi Professionali

Research Services



We perform specific research on the issues of remote sensing applied to agriculture. We provide elaborations and integrate different data sources correctly: satellite images provided by the different providers (Sentinel, spot, rapideye, landsat, geoeye, deimos etc.), proprietary and non geographic databases (esri, grass, postgis), into field measurements obtained with different instruments.


Analisi del territorio

Support to satellite image acquisitions



ARIESPACE offers its expertise to select Earth Observation products that are more suited to the requirements of end users. The  users of earth observation products is becoming increasingly widespread: ranging from public administrations, policy makers, environmental agencies, freelancers and businesses. The main limitations to their use are mainly due to the lack of products designed for the end user who has no skills in the field of earth observation


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Progetto Horizon 2020 -DIANA Il progetto DIANA si prefigge di co-progettare e dimostrare apertamente una piattaforma di servizi commerciali che permetterà ai responsabili della gestione delle risorse idriche a scopo irriguo e alle autorità locali e regionali di...

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