Satellite Solutions for Agriculture

We have developed IRRISAT: the first Italian Irrigation Advisory Service Discover Irrisat

Water Management for Agriculture

Satellite Solutions to improve irrigation management

Crop Monitoring by Earth Observation

Crop mapping and monitoring

Spatial Decision Support Systems

To Explore and analyze geographic data over the time

About Us

Ariespace is a small-sized enterprise (SME), created in 2006 as the first Spin-Off Company of the University of Naples “Federico II”, with academicians, researchers and graduates in the fields of Remote Sensing, Water Management, Hydraulic and Software Engineering.

With more than 10 years of experience working alongside with final users in applying Earth Observation Technology for Agricultural purposes, Ariespace  provides  solutions to make informed decisions to take action quickly.

Meet our team

We Are The First Spin Off Company of University of Naples Federico II

What We Do

Satellite data Ready to Go

Ariespace provides ready to use satellite and spatial data to final users, such as farmers, water managers, agricultural and environmental consultants

Ariespace develops web-based tools

Ariespace develops web-based tools and operational geo-solutions dedicated to the estimation of vegetation vigor, crop water requirements, land use management and environmental resources monitoring.

Our aim is to fill the gap

Our aim is to fill the gap between the availability of spatial data and the need of quantitative information for agricultural and environmental consultants.

Satellite Data Ready to Go for Agricultural Purposes

Who We Work With

We are partner in Horizon 2020 funded projects

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Ariespace srl

Centro direzionale is. A3 80143 Napoli, Italy

Phone: 081 195 64 282 / 081 562 8563


working time: 10.00-13:30; 15.00-18,00 UTC - MON - FRI